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Pull your steno machine comfortably close to you. Keep your feet on the floor or supported by a footrest. Support your lower back. Assure that your knees are bent at an angle of 90° or more and your thighs at an angle of 90° or greater in relation to your torso. Adjust the chair position and your posture throughout the day. Producing a backlit laser etched keypad involves more processes that a standard printed keypad but does offer a high value finish that will enhance the look of the finished product. First the keypad is moulded in a translucent silicone rubber which allows good light transmission. Then the top of the moulded keypad is sprayed with a white. Is being a stenographer stressful? The level of stress one has really depends on two things: the amount of experience the stenographer has, and what kind of work the stenographer is stenographying (not a word). On average, this isn't the most stressful job in the world, but that doesn't mean it isn't without its less-than-stellar days. 5 Briefs A Day Boston Legal Briefs Captioned Case CATalyst Court Reporter Spotted Demonstration Video Dictionary Challenge For Students From The Mouth Of A Working Reporter Health House I Love Steno Fun Fact Iron Fist Jessica Jones Legal Vocabulary Lit Luke Cage Marvel Medical Monday Merriam-Webster’s Word Of The Day Misspelled Words Netflix.